The Christopher Lynn '66 Pool

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The Christopher Lynn '66 Pool in the Pan Athletic Center is the home of Andover's swimming, diving, and water polo programs.

Funded by lead gifts from Pan Shiyi and Zhang Xin as well as two anonymous donors, the Pan Athletic Center houses space for Andover's dance and wrestling programs in addition to the Lynn Pool.

Some details about the Lynn Pool:
Pounds of reinforced steel: 32,000
Container yards of concrete: 500
Gallons of water: 525,000
Solar rooftop panels: 534
Practice lanes: 13
Spectator seating: 450
Deck seating: up to 500


The pool offers a distinct diving section: 12.5-feet deep with two 1-meter Duraflex/Durafirm boards mounted directly on concrete support, a hot tub for competing athletes, and adjustable fountains to disturb the water surface.

There is seating for 3 to 5 judges, each with excellent sightlines. Scoring can be done either manually or electronically through the Omega/Swiss scoring system connected to a 16’ x ‘9 videoboard.


The swimming section of the pool is a consistent 7’1’ to 7’3” depth with a 4’ ledge along the perimeter, utilizes Competitor Gold Medal 6” lane lines as well as an Omega/Swiss timing system, which is connected to Hy-Tek Meet Manager and projected to a 16’ x 9’ video board.

The video board automatically displays event and heat information, running time, as well as each swimmer’s lane, name, team, splits, final time, and place. The board can immediately display names by order of finish within a lone heat or across an entire event. The board can also be configured to display records and other items of information.

Swimming competitions can be configured in 3 ways:

Course 1: 25 yards, 10 lanes, each 6.5’ wide with Spectrum Growler starting blocks

Course 2: 25 yards, 8 lanes, each 8.5’ wide with custom Kiefer starting blocks with Omega OSB 14 platforms

Course 3: 25 meters, 8 lanes, each 8.5’ wide with custom Kiefer starting blocks with Omega OSB 14 platforms

In any of the 3 configurations, there are up to 3 warm-up lanes each 25 yards. If the diving section of the pool is not otherwise in use, there are an additional 3 warm-up lanes each 22 yards.

Water Polo

The water polo course is 7’1’ to 7’3” deep and 25 meters, goal line to goal line, by 20 meters. The field of play is demarcated by in-water AntiWave field markers and Malmsten officiating on-deck mats, and it utilizes AntiWave floating goals. There is a separate warm-up area.

Water polo competitions are timed and scored by an Omega/Swiss system connected to a 16’ x 9’ video board and includes 2 shot clocks, which display both game time and time of possession. On-deck seating for teams not currently playing can be provided.

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