A traditionally competitive team in the New England Prep Fall Girls Volleyball Association (NEPFGVA), Andover Girls’ Volleyball welcomes athletic enthusiasts. Varsity and JV practice side-by-side Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and have games almost every Wednesday and Saturday. Practices are held in Memorial Gym and on the outside beach court. Our regular season schedule includes matches against the following league teams: Choate, Deerfield, Exeter (twice), Loomis, Northfield-Mount Hermon (twice), Saint Paul's (twice), Taft, Hotchkiss, and Worcester. We also play other teams such as Andover HS, Central Catholic and Reading HS.


A crucial set during a tense Andover-Exeter match.

Andover seals the 3-0 win over Exeter and the crowd storms the court!

Big Blue Volleyball

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Fans pack Memorial Gym during A-E Weekend.

Players get pumped on the bench.

An emphatic spike for a winner.

Getting the crowd hyped after a big rally.

DSC0510 The team huddles up before a big point.


2023 (10-7) Quarterfinalist vs. Loomis

2022 (15-5) Quarterfinalist vs Deerfield

2021 - sabbatical.

2020 (season canceled due to Covid-19)

2019 (12-4) Quarterfinalist vs Deerfield

2018 (10-4) Quarterfinalist vs Choate

2017 (12-4) Quarterfinalist vs SPS​​

2016 (10-7) Quarterfinalist vs Taft ​

2015 ​​(15-3) Semifinalists vs Exeter

2014 (11-5) Semifinalist vs. Choate

2013 (8-7) Quarterfinalist vs. Exeter 2

012 (14-0) Runner-up vs. Choate

2011 (15-3) NE Champions vs. Choate

2010 (15-1) NE Champion vs. Hotchkiss

2009 (11-2) Semifinalist vs. Hotchkiss

2008 (15-1) Runner-up vs. Hotchkiss

2007 (10-3) Quarterfinalist vs. Choate

2006 (17-0) NE Champions vs. Hotchkiss

2005 (17-1) Runner-up vs Hotchkiss

2004 (16-3) Semifinalist vs. Choate

2003 (19-0) NE Champions vs Taft

2002 (11-4) Quarterfinalist vs Taft

2001 (10-6) Quarterfinalist vs Choate

2000 (10-5) Semifinalist vs NMH

1999 (11-5) Quarterfinalist vs Exeter

1998 (10-5) Quarterfinalist vs Exeter