The Roseneau Fitness Center is a state of the art conditioning complex containing numerous and varied cardiovascular and resistance equipment. The cardio area includes elliptical, treadmill, stair-stepping and rowing ergometers. Resistance machines in combination with cable-cross over, dumbbells and Olympic weights are also employed.

Skeletal and muscular maturity along with resistance training history dictate the approach with Andover athletes. Education and technique development is the highest priority. As our students adapt to these initial stages, sport-specific programs and equipment are stressed. The emphasis is to specifically aim at the functional requirements (movement patterns, core, and dynamic stabilization, power and speed development, endurance threshold) through the use of training bands, stabilization balls, slide boards, weighted balls, discs, etc.

DSC03905 Strength and Conditioning Coach Chris Collins

This comprehensive approach serves the needs of our diverse community, and Strength and Conditioning Coach Chris Collins works closely with many Andover coaches to develop individual and team programs for the offseason, pre-season, and in-season calendar.