The girls’ cross country program at Phillips Academy welcomes the very experienced racer as well as the novice runner. Each individual has something to contribute to the team and each individual has something to learn from her teammates.

Our varsity and junior varsity teams are strong and continue to grow in numbers and in depth. The varsity team won the NEPSTA Division I title in 1992, 1993, 1995, 1999, 2005-2010, 2014 and 2015. Moreover, the team has finished in a top three podium position in nine of the previous ten years. The JV team has finished 1st or 2nd every year since 1999!

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The sprint to the finish line on the Great Lawn

Our novice program provides runners with limited experience the opportunity to learn the fundamentals and increase training at a very gradual pace. The girls move from group to group throughout the season, as appropriate. Everyone has the opportunity to race when ready. We welcome all who enjoy running and who have a genuine desire to improve in training and in competition.

Andover’s program emphasizes the philosophy that training for racing includes much more than running. Overall health is paramount. Balanced nutrition, good sleep habits, positive thinking, cross training, and strength training all contribute to the overall health of high school runners and are key components to the successful preparation for cross country racing. Our simple coaching philosophy is: we are not training ‘runners.’ We coach high school girls, who happen to run!

​​The town of Andover provides us with superb places to run. There are numerous trails, as well as residential neighborhoods, with the variety of terrain (including great hills!) to prepare us for the most challenging courses. We train seriously, and we have a lot of fun. Throughout the season, as each individual works toward her goals, the team comes together to work toward a common goal, providing a network of friendship and support for all team members.