PAXC welcomes runners of all levels of experience and ability—whether you’re a competitive varsity candidate or a new runner. The program is structured to have multiple training groups, each designed to challenge runners to get stronger, run faster, and compete better. The training groups are integrated into the larger team, so that everyone is working together to foster individual growth, teamwork, camaraderie, and a love for running.

Our focus on runner development and team-building has led to consistent competitive success in the top tier of New England preparatory cross country. The team competes in 5-kilometer (3.1-mile) races in Andover on our beautifully difficult home course and at many other diversely challenging courses across New England. Throughout the season, every runner on the team has many opportunities to race in the Andover blue.

We strive to help our runners improve—as athletes and competitors—over the years they are part of PAXC, and whether they go on to compete in college or not, we hope that every PAXC runner will leave the program knowing how running can be a healthy, joyful part of their lives.

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Andover runners racing in the Sanctuary. (Photo: E. Liu '26)

Holt Hill Full Team

A classic PAXC run to Holt Hill.