Aside from traditional varsity sports, Phillips Academy offers various athletic activities for students to participate in during all seasons. From intramural team sports like basketball and soccer to individual activities like yoga and dance, Andover provides students with the opportunities to participate in physical exercise no matter what their athletic interests.


BadmintonDisc GamesWalking: Mindful, Morning, Power, with Dogs
Core FitDrumlineYoga
Couch to 5KFFO (Flexible Fitness Option) & FIT: Fundamentals in TrainingRecreational Basketball, Games, Squash
Creative Writing and Hiking
Instructional: Crew, Diving, Skating, Tennis, VolleyballSPIN
Dance & Dance Fitness
Outdoor PursuitsSLAM

A dance class in the modern studio



Outdoor PursuitsSPIN
FFO (Flexible Fitness Option) & FIT: Fundamentals in Training Recreational Cross Country Skiing & Snow Shoeing
Intramural & Lower Basketball
Recreational SquashZumba
Morning Walking & Power Walking

Students enjoying Spikeball on The Great Lawn


Abbot Walks & Power WalkingFFO (Flexible Fitness Option) & FIT: Fundamentals in TrainingSpin
BadmintonInstructional: Skating, Tennis, VolleyballSenior Tennis
Core FitMorning FitnessWalking with Dogs
Couch to 5K
Outdoor PursuitsYoga
Dance & Dance Fitness
Recreational: Basketball, Games, Soccer, Squash, Senior SportsBirdwatching