Honesty, Trust & Stability

The Boys’ Varsity Soccer program has had a proud and rich history, and it is a perennial power in the New England Region. Our soccer program has an independent schedule and competes in the NEPSAC Class A tournament which is traditionally known as one of the strongest leagues in New England.

Our soccer program plays a 16-game schedule plus playoffs. Among schools in our schedule are: Deerfield, Exeter, NMH, Loomis, Taft, and Milton. We also play against some tough non-class opponents such as KUA and Brooks.

At Phillips Academy, soccer is a popular sport, and there are four levels of play for soccer players to participate in: varsity, junior varsity 1, junior varsity 2, and junior varsity 3. At each level,​ players will receive outstanding coaching that will prepare them for the next level. As coaches, we all aim to teach our players to become players of great cognition, competence, and character.

From our program players have gone on to play at colleges such as Amherst College, Bates College, BC, Bowdoin College, Carnegie Mellon University, Columbia University, Dartmouth College, Middlebury College, MIT, Tufts University, Union College, Wesleyan College, and many other great institutions.

Play for Andover

If you believe that you can contribute to the Andover soccer program, now or in the future, please complete our prospective student-athlete form and contact Coach Donnelly with responses to the following questions.

  • What grade are you in?
  • When is your birthday?
  • How long have you been playing organized soccer?
  • What is the name of your club or team?
  • What position do you play?
  • What are other things that interest you about Andover?
  • What other sports do you play?
  • Do you aspire to play in college?

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you!

2018 Highlights


At the end of your career with us at PA, you will have learned about our BLUE Training Methodology, a system of play, inspired by the Johan Cruyff, that helps develop intelligent players with great cognition, competence, and character.


Players take part in practices that are designed with the game in mind. During our practices, you will not see players lining up behind cones waiting for their turn; instead, practices are designed to keep players learning, active and engaged at all times. In other words, we train the way players learn, that is, playing. Also, as a coach, I believe that time is precious; therefore, we maximize every minute by having players and coaches working intelligently and with high intensity.


We aim for extraordinary. Our players will walk away with a transformed way of playing and thinking the game of soccer. We train our players to aim so that can continue to play and thrive moving forward.


Our inspiration begins with the fact that coaches are transformational figures in a student-athletes journey; as a result of that, we focus on the individual success of each of our players on and off the field. At the core of our methodology lays the firm belief that we are educating future leaders; therefore, we are committed to refining our players on how to be the best leaders of today so that they can be great leaders tomorrow.