It is the oldest Olympic team sport. It combines the endurance of swimming, the finesse of soccer, and the physicality of rugby. It was played by many of the greatest swimmers in history, including Mark Spitz, Matt Biondi, Pablo Morales, and John Naber. And it is played right here at Andover.

The Andover Boys’ Water Polo Program includes a varsity and a junior-varsity team, closely integrated so players can improve. ​

We practice four or five times per week, with competitions on Saturdays and Wednesdays. Our league consists of ten other New England private schools, and each season concludes with a championship tournament.

While we certainly seek new student-athletes who already play water polo, we also welcome those who have little or no experience with the sport. Many of the boys on the team did not play water polo before coming to Andover; they simply wanted to try something new.

The Program is designed to teach skills applicable to water polo and to life: teamwork, goal setting, diligence, work ethic, game preparation, and general fitness, among others.

Many Andover players go on to play water polo at one of the more than 200 colleges offering water polo programs — including Bucknell, Johns Hopkins, and UCLA — and at least one has gone on to play professional water polo.

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Andover defends the net