Phillips Academy’s ultimate program includes all-gender varsity and JV teams as well as opportunities for girls&non-binary (GNB) team competition. Andover’s interscholastic program began in the mid-1990s. In 2006 the team achieved varsity status, and in 2009 a junior varsity team was officially incorporated into the program. The varsity team competes in the New England Prep School Ultimate League (NEPSUL) and in the Massachusetts High School Ultimate League (MA HSUL). In addition to weekly matches, the varsity team competes in three or four tournaments each season, including the Amherst Invitational, the Andover Invitational, the NMH Tournament, and/or the NEPSUL Championships. The JV team typically plays six to eight interscholastic games over the course of the season.

Since there are no referees in ultimate, each player must know the rules and be able to self-officiate during games. Great sportsmanship and respect among competitors are essential, and these qualities are given great emphasis in Andover’s ultimate program. The program also strives to prepare players to compete on top college and club teams by drilling fundamental strategies and skills, as well as introducing sophisticated offensive and defensive sets.

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If you are interested in playing varsity Ultimate at Phillips Academy, please contact varsity coach Scott Hoenig. You may also fill out the online prospective student-athlete web form.

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Ultimate is a sport that inspires players and fans alike because of its ability to develop and showcase the athleticism, skill, teamwork, and character of its participants. The arc of the disc in flight, the opportunity for each individual to contribute equally to their team’s success, and the trust given to each player to know and uphold the rules make ultimate a sport that is embraced for its fun and excitement on the field and for the community beyond it. As a low-cost sport requiring minimal equipment, offering single and mixed-gender play, and providing a format that builds communication and conflict resolution skills, ultimate provides a welcoming, high value experience for players and fans from a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences.

USA Ultimate Official Rules of Ultimate 2022-2023

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