Season 19-20

Day & Time Event Result
A 09.07 Saturday, 4:45 PM game at Brunswick Map to Exeter l 4-19 Recap
A 09.14 Saturday, 2:00 PM game at Hopkins Map to Loomis w 15-8 Recap
A 09.14 Saturday, 4:15 PM game at Loomis Map to Loomis l 9-12 Recap
H 09.18 Wednesday, 3:15 PM game vs Exeter Map to Andover Pool l 12-13 Recap
A 09.21 Saturday, 1:00 PM game at Westminster at Deerfield Map to Deerfield w 19-3 Recap
A 09.21 Saturday, 2:00 PM game at Deerfield Map to Deerfield w 16-3 Recap
A 09.28 Saturday, 1:30 PM game at Williston Map to Williston w 9-8 Recap
A 09.28 Saturday, 3:30 PM game at Williston vs. Hotchkiss Map to Williston w 14-5 Recap
A 10.02 Wednesday, 4:45 PM game at St. John's Prep Map to St. John's Prep
H 10.05 Saturday, 4:45 PM game vs Choate Map to Andover Pool w 20-10 Recap
H 10.16 Wednesday, 3:30 PM game vs Suffield Map to Andover Pool
H 10.18 Friday, 4:15 PM game vs St. John's Prep Map to Andover Pool
A 10.30 Wednesday, 3:15 PM Game at Exeter Map to Exeter
A 11.09 Saturday, 12:00 PM tournament at Suffield at Brunswich Map to Brunswick