At Phillips Academy, our girls' basketball program prides itself on the development of the whole athlete, both on and off the court. Every year, we match up against the best basketball schools in the region, and we pride ourselves on our strength of schedule and level of competition. Throughout the season, the team works with a certified strength and conditioning coach, Chris Collins. Coach Collins also creates workout plans for our athletes to follow over vacations and in the off-season, if they choose to do so. We also work with the Academy’s board-certified sports dietitian and performance nutritionist to focus on developing healthy habits and diet plans that will lead to peak performance, both off and during the competitive season.

Many of our basketball players have starred for the Big Blue on other varsity teams during the fall and spring seasons. In fact, involvement in athletics beyond basketball is encouraged, and those who do are often our most accomplished athletes. In recent years, graduates of our basketball program have continued their athletic careers at Amherst College, Babson College, Bates College, Delaware, McGill University, Tufts University, Trinity College, Union College, Wagner University, and Wesleyan University.

For more information on our basketball program please contact Coach Jen Weissbach.

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Team huddle.