The football program at Andover is a well-respected program with a rich history. Many of the program’s alums have gone onto play college ball, and a few have even entered the professional ranks as both players and coaches. One of the program’s great traditions is its rivalry with Phillips Exeter Academy. The two school’s have competed on the football field for more than 100 years, making it the longest and oldest continuing prep school rivalry in the country.

This will be Coach Brown’s first year as the 6th Head Football Coach at Phillips Academy Andover. Coach Brown has been an assistant coach for the last 2 years and played under Coach Mo as a PG in 2012.


Sal Lupoli ’19 carries the ball for Big Blue.

The continuation of the four football values will not only develop a successful team, but it will also help mold our student-athletes into selfless, hardworking and mindful young beings.

Four Football Values

“Non Sibi” / Selflessness

'Putting your team first.' Don’t strive to be the best on the team, strive to be the best for the team. Prioritizing football (after family and academics) and doing what you need to do on and off the field when no one is watching.


We are nothing without one another so encouraging one another, holding each other accountable and always put your best foot forward is key to growth as a team. Communication is vital in a family so having an open line of communication with your coaches and teammates is important. We, not me mindset. Put the pride aside and support your team.


Coming to each and every practice ON TIME to get better. Be contagious with the positive, upbeat energy you bring all the time. Play until the whistle blows.


Respecting yourself, your opponent, and your teammates no matter what the situation is. We win as a team. We lose as a team. We are the team.

Highlights from the 2019 season.
I love seeing the camaraderie on the walk over to the playing field, in the heat of a clutch play, after a tough game. Win, lose, or tie, competition is fun!

Coach Brown ’12

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Inside the locker room, listening to the pregame pep talk.

Captain Jake Jordan ’20 and Jon Krikorian ’21 making a play.

Michael Thomas ’20 throws a deep ball.

The view from the sidelines.

The defense with a gang tackle.

In the open field.

The offensive line.

Celebrating a win.


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Big Blue tops Exeter

Year 142 is another to remember in the rivalry’s rich history

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Lou Leon posed

Brooklyn brotherhood

Lou Bernieri and Leon Modeste’s friendship goes beyond the gridiron