Season 19-20

Day & Time Event Result
A 04.04 Saturday, 3:45 PM game at N.M.H Map to N.M.H. Cancelled
H 04.13 Monday, 3:45 PM game vs Newton North Ultimate Cancelled
H 04.17 Friday, 3:45 PM scrimmage vs Andover Ultimate Cancelled
A 04.22 Wednesday, 3:30 PM game at St. John's Prep Map to St. John's Prep Cancelled
H 04.29 Wednesday, 3:45 PM game vs Lexington HS ultimate Cancelled
H 05.06 Wednesday, 3:45 PM game vs Masconomet Ultimate
H 05.12 Tuesday, 4:00 PM game vs Somerville Ultimate Cancelled
H 05.20 Wednesday, 3:30 PM game vs Exeter Cancelled
H 05.22 Friday, 4:00 PM game vs Andover Ultimate Cancelled