As of May 21, we are pleased to extend the opportunity for up to four family members from Andover’s visiting teams, as well as Andover family members, to spectate at the final games this weekend.

In order to keep our community safe we require that all spectators abide by the following guidelines:

  • No more than four family members per student-athlete.
  • Arrive at the “field” no sooner than 15 minutes before game start time.
  • Where noted, please sit/stand in the designated area for family-member spectators ONLY. We ask that parents do not sit in stands at the baseball and softball fields so our students may sit in our bleachers. In the stadium, we ask that family members sit ONLY on the far side (east) stands closest to the outdoor track.
  • All spectators must remain masked at all times with a mask fully covering the mouth and nose regardless of vaccination status.
  • All spectators must abide by the Academy's physical distancing guidelines with non-family members at all times.
  • All spectators, with the exception of those attending volleyball, must remain outside at all times and may not enter any buildings. Port-a-potties will be located near all outdoor fields.
  • No team or parent tailgates/parking lot gatherings permitted.