"Outstanding Wrestler of the Tournament", Skylah Chakouian (middle) pictured with, Kassie Archambault (left) and Elena Pirozhkova (right).

On Sunday, seventy-four wrestlers from thirty-nine different schools gathered in Andover to compete in the 7th annual Phillips Academy Girls Wrestling tournament.

The competition was preceded by a skills clinic with two-time Olympian and former World Champion, Elena Pirozhkova. Pirozhkova wrestled for Team USA for a decade, was World Champion in 2012, a World silver medalist in 2010 and 2014 and a World bronze medalist in 2013. She finished her competitive career in 2017 ranked number one in her weight class and now serves as the first-ever head coach of the New Jersey City University women’s wrestling program.

Kassie Archambault
, Head Wrestling Coach at Phillips Academy, as well as the tournament's founder and director, summarized the competition, "We had 19 different weight classes that were competed round-robin style. Northfield Mount Hermon walked away with the team title for the second year in a row, with 19 team points. Middlesex, Hope High School, and Hotchkiss all tied for second with 13 team points, followed up Lawrence Academy with 11 team points. Skylah Chakouian (East Providence, RI) was crowned the Outstanding Wrestler of the tournament."

When asked to reflect on the growth of the tournament, Archambault replied, “It’s amazing to see how the level of talent at this tournament has grown over the years. We love to provide this opportunity for good competition, to learn from great clinicians, and to make friends with other female wrestlers. It’s especially important if you’re the only girl on your team back home; it makes a difference to know that you are part of a larger community.”

Phillips Academy's Director of Athletics, Lisa Joel was mat side for the tourney and also commented on the increased interest in the event, "The 7th Annual Female Wrestling Tournament highlights the growing interest and talent of girls’ wrestling across New England and is a great example of the mantra, “If you build it, they will come.” Additionally, this tournament illuminates the importance of role modeling. Kassie Archambault stands at the forefront of this conversation alongside former Olympian Elena Pirozhkova. Both, in their own rights, are former wrestlers who these girls can aspire to be. Strong, confident and challenging boundaries in the athletic arena, Kassie and Elena have opened doors which will provide countless opportunities for female wrestlers in the years and decades ahead."

Full results:


1st Makayla Carrafiello, Landmark; 2nd Jackie Mauro, Marlborough; 3rd Nannette Chatman, Nobles; 4th Jannat Altaee, Manchester Central

Carrafiello pinned Mauro 2:26; Carrafiello pinned Chatman 0:52; Carrafiello pinned Altaee 2:37; Mauro pinned Altaee 0:56; Mauro pinned Chatman 4:25; Chatman dec. Altaee 9-4

106.4 - 2x champion

1st Logan Farnsworth, Scituate High School; 2nd Sydney Diauto, Silver Lake Regional High School; 3rd Karoline Hartner, Lawrence Academy; 4th Meenen Olayanju, Hope High School

Farnsworth pinned Dauto 0:12; Farnsowrth pinned Olayanju 2:48; Farnsworth pinned Hartner 0:53; Dauto dec. Hartner 13-11; Dauto pinned Olayanju 3:36; Hartner pinned Olayanju 2:38

109.4 - 2x champion

1st Alexis Dobson, Manchester Central; 2nd Ana Valdevino, Wakefield High School; 3rd Jiayi Yu, St. Mark’s; 4th Brania Tzou, Northfield Mount Hermon

Dobson pinned Valdevino 3:37; Dobson pinned Yu 0:42; Dobson pinned Tzou 1:28; Valdevino pinned Tzou 0:16; Valdevino pinned Yu 0:15; Yu pinned Tzou 0:18


1st Giselle Piedrahita, Westford Academy; 2nd Maura Thompson, Hotchkiss; 3rd Nicole Emmet, Northfield Mount Hermon; 4th Rose Yu, Portsmouth Abbey

Piedrahita pinned Yu 0:40; Piedrahita dec. Emmet 9-3; Piedrahita pinned Thompson 5:26; Thompson pinned Emmet 2:30; Thompson pinned Yu 0:39; Emmet pinned Yu 1:11


1st Waverly KaneLong, Hampshire Regional High School; 2nd Carmen Ortiz, Marlborough High School; 3rd Hemanjalee Jagmohan, Malden High School; 4th Jacqueline Wang, Hotchkiss

KaneLong dec. Ortiz 13-5; KaneLong pinned Wang 0:28; KaneLog pinned Jagmohan 0:08; Ortiz pinned Jagmohan 2:20; Ortiz pinned Wang 1:17; Jagmohan dec. Wang 8-5


1st Yamilet Castro, Hope High School; 2nd Angela Osei-Ampadu, Deerfield Academy; 3rd Tamyjah Thompson, Boston Latin; 4th Celina Wang, Hotchkiss

Castro pinned Wang 2:45; Castro dec. Osei-Ampadu 7-4; Castro pinned Thompson 1:30; Osei-Ampadu pinned Thompson 0:38; Osei-Ampadu pinned Wang 1:03; Thompson pinned Wang 1:54

121.9 - 3x champion

1st Sophia Matthews, Woburn High School; 2nd Kenlei Milovanovic, North Andover High School; 3rd Amy Li, Middlesex; 4th Alisa Dzhassim, Northfield Mount Hermon

Matthews pinned Li 0:31; Matthews pinned Dzhassim 0:42; Matthews pinned Milovanovic 3:10; Milovanovic pinned Dzhassim 1:03; Milovanovic pinned Li 0:47; Li pinned Dzhassim 4:00


1st Ana Da Silva, Stoughton High School; 2nd Latoya Kibusi, Reading High School; 3rd Megan Ding, Middlesex; 4th Asara Tatafasa, Northfield Mount Hermon

Da Silva pinned Ding 0:37; Da Silva pinned Kibusi 2:53; Da Silva pinned Tatafasa 0:29; Kibusi pinned Tatafasa 2:42; Kibusi pinned Ding 5:14; Ding pinned Tatafasa 4:48


1st Gianna Pannese, Westford Academy; 2nd Dianie Chen, Northfield Mount Hermon; 3rd Jenny Phan, Middlesex; 4th Jina Lee, Northfield Mount Hermon

Pannesse pinned Chen 1:36; Pannese pinned Phan 0:17; Pannesse pinned Lee 1:36; Chen pinned Lee 1:53; Chen pinned Phan 4:35; Phan pinned Lee 2:39


1st Tierney Gruber, Keene High School; 2nd Charlotte Lokere, Lawrence Academy; 3rd Juliette Alford, Middlesex; 4th Mya German, Marvelwood

Gruber pinned Lokere 3:54; Gruber pinned Alford 1:45; Gruber pinned German 0:25; Lokere pinned German 1:39; Lokere dec. Alford 17-6; Alford pinned German 0:26


1st Simone Straus, Hotchkiss; 2nd Angelica Guarcas, Classical High School; 3rd Graciela Escobar, Hope High School; 4th Angelina Lieberman, Brooks School

Straus pinned Escobar 3:44; Straus pinned Lieberman 0:39; Straus pinned Guarcas 4:24; Guarcas pinned Lieberman 0:27; Guarcas pinned Escobar 2:47; Escobar pinned Lieberman 1:47


1st Ayla Goldman, Middleboro High School; 2nd Ines Levy; 3rd Natalie Keppler; 4th Rebecca Kilday

Goldman pinned Kilday 1:11; Goldman pinned Keppler 0:50; Goldman dec. Levy 4-3; Levy dec. Keppler 4-0; Levy pinned Kilday 1:12; Keppler pinned Kilday 5:14

140.8 - 2x champion

1st Love Daley; 2nd Raquel Berrocal de Castro; 3rd Johnna Romanek, Marianapolis Prep; 4th Tess Clabaugh, Boston Latin

Daley pinned Berrocal de Castro 0:30; Daley pinned Romanek 0:45; Daley pinned Clabaugh 0:11; Berrocal de Castro pinned Clabaugh 0:19; Berrocal de Castro pinned Romanek 5:04; Romanek pinned Clabaugh 0:21


1st Samantha Scott, Worcester Academy; 2nd Bethany Battista, St. Mark’s; 3rd Emily Moran, Lawrence Academy; 4th Naomi Lam, Northfield Mount Hermon

Scott pinned Battista 3:48; Scott pinned Moran 2:34; Scott dec. Lam 8-4; Battista pinned Lam 3:05; Battista pinned Moran 1:57; Moran pinned Lam 3:05


1st Yohanni Cristini Tostes Costa, Malden High School; 2nd Laylah Tsay, Landmark; 3rd Aileen Feliz, Nobles; 4th Miasia Stokes-Haith, Boston Latin (tie-breaker for 2nd/3rd/4th was fastest pin)

Costa pinned Stokes-Haith 0:28; Costa pinned Tsay 0:18; Costa dec. Feliz 19-4; Laylah Tsay pinned Stokes-Haith 1:18; Feliz pinned Tsay 1:19; Stokes-Haith pinned Feliz 2:17

156.2 - 2x champion

1st Skylah Chakouian, East Providence High School; 2nd Katie Gatza, Northfield Mount Hermon; 3rd Zoe Waters, Keene High School; 4th Mathilda Haddock, Northfield Mount Hermon

Chakouian dec. Waters 15-2; Chakouian pinned Gatza 4:43; Chakouian pinned Haddock 4:22; Gatza pinned Haddock 0:30; Gatza pinned Waters 3:52; Waters pinned Haddock 1:32


1st Elizabeth Bernier, Bucksport High School; 2nd Mackenzie Huang, Hotchkiss; 3rd Hayeni Costa, Malden High School; 4th Teyehna Heath, The Met High School

Bernier pinned Huang 3:12; Bernier pinned Heath, 1:18; Bernier pinned Costa 1:15; Huang dec. Costa 16-8; Huang pinned Heath 1:11; Costa pinned Heath 0:47


1st Catherine McNulty, Whittier Tech; 2nd Kennedy Anderson, Loomis Chaffee; 3rd Zari Newman, Northfield Mount Hermon; 4th Chieu An Duong, Deerfield

McNulty pinned Duong 0:58; McNulty dec. Anderson 3-1; McNulty pinned Newman 1:28; Anderson pinned Newman 0:33; Anderson pinned Duong 0:16; Newman pinned Duong 1:58


1st Tayana Labady, Hope High School; 2nd Naomi Tewodros, Northfield Mount Hermon

Labady pinned Tewodros 0:10; Labady pinned Tewodros 3:32

Team scores:

Northfield Mount Hermon 19

Middlesex 13

Hotchkiss 13

Hope High School 13

Lawrence Academy 11

Westford Academy 10

Malden HS 9

Landmark 8

Keene HS 7

Marlborough High School 6

Manchester Central 6

East Providence 5

Bucksport HS 5

Whittier Tech 5

Landmark 5

Scituate 5

Hampshire Regional 5

Woburn HS 5

Stoughton 5

Middleboro HS 5

Worcester Academy 5

Nobles 4

St. Marks 4

Deerfield 4

Boston Latin 4

Silver Lake Regional HS 3


Wakefield 3

Reading HS 3

Classical 3
Loomis Chaffee 3

North Andover HS 3

Canton HS 2

Marianapolis 2

Portsmouth Abbey 1

Marvelwood 1

Brooks 1

Exeter West Greenwich 1

The Met HS 1