Girls Varsity Volleyball

Andover prevails in first set, then takes next two for a W

At home on November 10, 2018 at 12:30 PM

Tied at 18-18, Exeter goes ahead 20-19, 21-20, 24-21. Andover manages a side-out for 22-24 and Chioma Ugwonali serves out the set for a 26-24 1-0 set advantage. And that set the tone for the nextbtwo sets ...

In the second set, it was a back and forth. At 9-9, Brooke Fleming serves Andover ahead to 12-9. Brooklyn Wirt extends that lead with her serves to 19-11. It concludes as a 25-17, second wet win. Going into the third set, up by two sets, Andover lost some focus on quality of play. Down 6-8 Andover rebounds to 11-9, 15-11, 16-12, 17-14, 21-15. At 22-20 already having used both time outs, the team dug deep and forced a decision to 24-21, and could claim a 25-21 win. A boisterous crowd; high energy throughout as well as some drum sticks accidentally flying on to the court. Thank you Andover fans, alumni, parents. We felt your support today. Andover is likely to host a quarterfinal on Wednesday. Opponent to be determined by end of day today.