Andover 3 - Taft 0 (25-15, 25-16, 25-12)

Coming off of a win against Hotchkiss 20 minutes earlier, we started the match against Taft neck-in-neck, 9-11 after 7 rotations… and then, and then Nneka Ezeike served 11 straight service points to a 20-11 lead. WOW. Won that set feeling good about our chances.

Second set PAVB took an early lead at 10-2, and 22-8, made some tired mistakes but secured a two set lead.

In the third set Mary Lord served is from a 4-3 lead to a 12-3 lead. Shortly thereafter Kate Rodgers expanded our lead from 15-8 to 22-8. Eventually a 3-0 win.

Kudos to our setters Sarah Beth Sirmon, Selene Xu, our outside hitters Kate Rodgers, Nneka Ezeike, Alex Dalrymple-Roth, and Drew Nelson, our middle hitters Mary Lord and Jacqueline Li, our opposites Drew Nelson, Sarah Beth Sirmon, and Hailey Piasecki, and our libero Ashley Schuman.

On Monday we hope to welcome back Wendy Wang, Lena Ciganer-Albeniz, Saraya Angbazo and Sophie Holten-Moravek.

Many thanks to our managers Malcolm, Kai and Ray. Appreciation to coach Kaylee. Gratitude to our fans and parents that travelled the distance to cheer us on and feed us.

An exhausting day and well worth the 7 hours on the bus. Onward to hosting Loomis next Saturday.