Team Abbot are 3-peat team champions

Ninety six wrestlers from forty one schools competed in the 10th Annual Phillips Academy Girls Wrestling tournament. The day started with a technique clinic from Marisol Nugent (Phillips Academy class of 2020), current UNC wrestler and 2023 Midlands and Princeton Open Champion. We wrestled 13 weight classes- 12 Madison Weights, 8 person brackets, and one round robin 5-person bracket. Phillips Academy came away with the team title with 148 points, 3 champions, and 7 other placers. Choate Rosemary Hall took 2nd place, with 2 champions and 3 other placers. West Nottingham Academy from Maryland took 3rd place, with 1 champion and 3 other placers. The two Outstanding Wrestler awards were awarded to Calli Gilchrist of Choate Rosemary Hall and Daniella Nugent of Phillips Academy. Full results are below and call also be found on TrackWrestling under the event name “Phillips Girls Tournament.”

Andover highlights: In the finals, Suhaila Cotton ’24 was down 6-9 in the third period with just over a minute left. She hit a beautiful Peterson to reverse her opponent to her back and get the pin, winning the title at 112 lbs.

Dani Nugent ’25 won a tough 1-0 decision in her finals match. The first period was scoreless; in the second period Dani took bottom and was able to score an escape and get the 1-0 lead. In the third period she stayed tough on top to keep her 1-0 lead and earn the victory.

Eleanor DeHoog ’24 had a rematch with her opponent from last year who pinned her during the tournament. Mentally prepared for a tough match, Nor outscored her opponent 7-0 to win her bracket.


1st Maddie Morse, St. Paul’s School; 2nd Jailyn Edmonds, Josiah Quincy Upper School; 3rd Daniella Gasso, Portsmout Abbey School; 4th Danyelis Retamor, Greater Lawrence Technical School


1st Suhaila Cotton, Phillips Academy; 2nd Livi Polansky, Bridgewater-Raynham Regional High School; 3rd Claire Roney, Wellesley High School; 4th Izzy Alvarez, West Nottingham Academy


1st Kennedie Davis, Bridgewater-Raynham Regional High School; 2nd Mia Dineen, Hingham High School; 3rd Sakina Cotton, Phillips Academy; 4th Ryana Riaz, Governor’s Academy


1st Maddie Li, Andover High School; 2nd Tasha Bohorad, Phillips Academy; 3rd Vivi Jenkins, Choate Rosemary hall; 4th Jaycee Carroll, Burlington High School


1st Calli Gilchrist, Choate Rosemary Hall; 2nd Natalia Accorsi, Tabor Academy; 3rd Jocelyn Antes, Frontier Regional High School; 4th Ophelia Lee, Phillips Academy


1st Sara McLaughlin, Choate Rosemary Hall; 2nd Hannah Bryson, Wilmington High School; 3rd Julia Carmona, Phillips Academy; 4th Elizabeth Duda, Lawrenceville School


1st Anjue Liang, Latin Academy; 2nd Avery Colgate, Governor’s Academy; 3rd Amaya Smith, Oliver Ames High School; 4th Emma Herbein, West Nottingham Academy


1st Daniella Nugent, Phillips Academy; 2nd Nora Quitt, Ashland High School; 3rd Ife Lawore, St. Mark’s School; 4th Alexis Lavers, Hyde School


1st Xavia Banigan, Governor’s Academy; 2nd Bella Shmuylovich, Phillips Academy; 3rd Leanne La, Choate Rosemary Hall; 4th Koda Hall, Hyde School


1st Meghan Weibe, Sharron High Shool; 2nd Reagan Ramadan, West Nottingham Academy; 3rd Tessa Master, Watertown High School; 4th Georgina Wolfson, Choate Rosemary Hall


1st Emma Leonido, Hanover High School; 2nd Sophie Elber, Tabor Academy; 3rd Karla Lazaro, NMH; 4th Isa Matloff, Phillips Academy


1st Kiia Huovinen, West Nottingham Academy; 2nd Marisol Almanzar, Great Lawrence Technical School; 3rd Essence Tucker, Josiah Quincy Upper School; 4th Tanvi Madisetti, Lawrenceville School


1st Eleanor DeHoog, Phillips Academy; 2nd Samantha Rabkin, Sharron High School; 3rd McKenzie Williams, Phillips Academy; 4th Sora Oliveri, Marianapolis Prep