Fall Sports

Team Coach Email
Cross Country, Boys Patrick Rielly prielly@andover.edu
Cross Country, Girls Rebecca Hession rhession@andover.edu
Field Hockey, Girls Junior Varsity 1 Jamison Hagerman Phinney jhagermanphinney@andover.edu
Field Hockey, Girls Varsity Kathryn Dolan kdolan@andover.edu
Football, Boys Junior Varsity ghughes@andover.edu
Football, Boys Varsity Charles Brown cbrown@andover.edu
Soccer, Boys Junior Varsity 1 Cesar Dominique Moreno cdominiquemoreno@andover.edu
Soccer, Boys Junior Varsity 2 Alan Miles amiles@andover.edu
Soccer, Boys Junior Varsity 3 Stephen Russell srussell@andover.edu
Soccer, Boys Varsity Edwin Escobar eescobar@andover.edu
Soccer, Girls Junior Varsity 1 Ellen Greenberg egreenberg@andover.edu
Soccer, Girls Junior Varsity 2 Anneke Skidmore askidmore@andover.edu
Soccer, Girls Varsity Elisa Joel ljoel@andover.edu
Volleyball, Girls Junior Varsity Lixia Ma lma@andover.edu
Volleyball, Girls Varsity Clyfe Beckwith cbeckwith@andover.edu
Water Polo, Boys Junior Varsity David Fox dfox@andover.edu
Water Polo, Boys Varsity David Fox dfox@andover.edu

Winter Sports

Team Coach Email
Basketball, Boys Junior Varsity 1 Thomas Kane tkane@andover.edu
Basketball, Boys Junior Varsity 2 Christopher Odden ctodden@andover.edu
Basketball, Boys Varsity Terrell Ivory tivory@andover.edu
Basketball, Girls Junior Varsity 1 aescobar@andover.edu
Basketball, Girls Varsity Elizabeth Monroe emonroe@andover.edu
Hockey, Boys Junior Varsity Matthew Lisa mlisa@andover.edu
Hockey, Boys Varsity Paul Tortorella ptortorella@andover.edu
Hockey, Girls Junior Varsity Katherine Fritz kfritz@andover.edu
Hockey, Girls Varsity Martha Fenton mfenton@andover.edu
Indoor Track, Boys Rebecca Hession rhession@andover.edu
Indoor Track, Girls Rebecca Hession rhession@andover.edu
Nordic Skiing, Coed Keith Robinson krobinson@andover.edu
Squash, Boys Junior Varsity 1 Joel Jacob jjacob@andover.edu
Squash, Boys Junior Varsity 2 Khiem DoBa kdoba@andover.edu
Squash, Boys Varsity John Roberts jroberts@andover.edu
Squash, Girls Junior Varsity 1 Deborah Chase dchase1@andover.edu
Squash, Girls Junior Varsity 2 Khiem DoBa kdoba@andover.edu
Squash, Girls Varsity Jennifer Elliott jelliott@andover.edu
Swimming and Diving, Boys Varsity David Fox dfox@andover.edu
Swimming and Diving, Coed Junior Varsity Dale Hurley dhurley@andover.edu
Swimming and Diving, Girls Varsity Paul Murphy pmurphy@andover.edu
Wrestling, Coed Junior Varsity Richard Gorham rgorham@andover.edu
Wrestling, Coed Varsity Kassie Archambault karchambault@andover.edu

Spring Sports

Team Coach Email
Baseball, Boys Junior Varsity 1 Peter Dignard pdignard@andover.edu
Baseball, Boys Junior Varsity 2 Thomas Kane tkane@andover.edu
Baseball, Boys Varsity Kevin Graber kgraber@andover.edu
Crew, Boys Andrew Finch afinch1@andover.edu
Crew, Girls Ellen Minzner eminzner@andover.edu
Cycling, Coed Samuel Zaeder tzaeder@andover.edu
Golf, Coed Brian Faulk bfaulk@andover.edu
Lacrosse, Boys Junior Varsity 1 Stephen Silversides ssilversides@andover.edu
Lacrosse, Boys Junior Varsity 2 Stephen Silversides ssilversides@andover.edu
Lacrosse, Boys Varsity Kathryn Dolan kdolan@andover.edu
Lacrosse, Girls Junior Varsity 1 Meghan Dangremond mdangremond@andover.edu
Lacrosse, Girls Junior Varsity 2 Tracy Ainsworth tainsworth@andover.edu
Lacrosse, Girls Varsity Heidi Wall hwall@andover.edu
Softball, Girls Lindsay Maroney lmaroney@andover.edu
Tennis, Boys Junior Varsity Leon Holley lholley@andover.edu
Tennis, Boys Varsity Gregory Wilkin gwilkin@andover.edu
Tennis, Boys Varsity B Kevin Cardozo kcardozo@andover.edu
Tennis, Girls Junior Varsity Alan Miles amiles@andover.edu
Tennis, Girls Varsity Deborah Chase dchase1@andover.edu
Tennis, Girls Varsity B Leon Calleja lcalleja@andover.edu
Track and Field, Boys Rebecca Hession rhession@andover.edu
Track and Field, Girls Rebecca Hession rhession@andover.edu
Ultimate Frisbee, Coed Junior Varsity Scott Hoenig shoenig@andover.edu
Ultimate Frisbee, Coed Varsity Scott Hoenig shoenig@andover.edu
Volleyball, Boys Junior Varsity Clyfe Beckwith cbeckwith@andover.edu
Volleyball, Boys Varsity Alexander Svec asvec@andover.edu
Water Polo, Girls Jill Meyer jmeyer@andover.edu