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Philosophy of Phillips Academy Athletics:

The philosophy for the athletic program at Phillips Academy can be stated simply -– opportunity and exercise for all. Ted Harrison, in his book Athletics for All, states that the Andover administration in 1858 believed that students would be better equipped to handle the rigors of the Andover curriculum with a dose of daily exercise. That requirement and rationale have remained consistent throughout the years. As expressed in the Academy’s Statement of Purpose, the athletic program is a legitimate and desirable part of the educational mission of the school. The program shares in the charge set by Andover’s 1778 Constitution to prepare youth to understand that "goodness without knowledge is weak and feeble; yet knowledge without goodness is dangerous." This obligation challenges students in mind, body, and spirit to see beyond self and to go beyond what is familiar. The athletic program shares with the other elements of an Andover education to contribute to the development of the whole child. Transcending this is the hope that the regular and informed pursuit of a physically active life be accepted philosophically and incorporated in to the life of every student.

About Andover Athletics:

The athletic program at Phillips Academy provides a unique educational setting, offering an array of intramural, instructional, and lifetime exercise options in addition to a stellar interscholastic program. These offerings do not exist apart from the total experience but as an essential part of a holistic approach encompassing the intellectual, emotional, physical, social and spiritual elements of each student.

Andover offers 31 interscholastic sport offerings, most with three levels of participation. Andover offers an intramural option each season: Soccer, Basketball and Ultimate as well as 17 LIFE (Lifetime, Instructional, and Fitness Education) activities. Upper classmen may consider three flexible options: Flexible Fitness Options (FFO), Supervised Approved Sports Exemption (SASE), and Independent Exercise Option (IEO) for students to pursue individual academic, artistic, and/or personal interests.

Athletics Director:

Leon Modeste

Coach Mo

Coach Mo rallies Big Blue

About PA Athletics