Girls Varsity Volleyball

Congratulations to Choate; they refused to lose.

At home on November 14, 2018 at 3:15 PM

1) we are so proud of PAVB 2) we had an awesome season 9-4 3) good moments today, and then there were some we could have done better.

1-0 The first set: Andover made very few mistakes 1-1 Second set: Andover did not make mistakes and Choate found their rhythm 2-1 Third set: both Andover and Choate oscillated making great plays and careless errors. Andover came from behind 20-22, 22-23, 24-24, 27-25. 2-2 Fourth set: Choate had so much momentum, wow. 2-3: Fifth set: Andover had the edge at 8-5, 9-7, then Choate tied it at 9-9. Andover had a point advantage at 10-9, then went down 11-13, and succumbed to a 11-15 . We wish the remaining teams all the best in the tournament. It is a fun game. Thank you to assistant coaches Ms. Hikton, Ms. Guerra Thank you yo managers Andy Procopan, Aissata Bah, Shaw Xie Thank you to the athletic office, trainers, scheduling of courts, buses, referees, meals, and equipment, maintenance. Thank you to parents and fans. Let’s go Blue.