Girls Varsity Volleyball

Andover comes from behind to win in 5 against NMH

At NMH on October 20, 2018 at 3:00 PM

I love volleyball!!! Why can only one team walk away with a win? This coach feels like a broken record, and am dating myself saying so: that match is the best that Andover and NMH have played in the last 21 seasons.

In the first set NMH had a point lead, back and forth until at 12-12 Brooklyn Wirt served Andover ahead to 16-12. 16-14, 18-15, and then NMH surged to 21-19, 25-20. Switching sides, Andover went ahead to 4-0 on Brooke Fleming‘s serve, 4-1, 6-4,7-7. Andover went down 10-12, 11-13, 12-15,14-16,15-18, 17-19, 20-21, 22-23, at which point Brooke again served two winners for a 25-23 win, evening out the sets. The third set at first in Andover‘s favor at 5-2, 8-6, swung NMH way who took the lead at 11-10, 16-12, 17-12, 19-13,25-18. Andover with a must win scenario, cleaned NMH‘s clock in the fourth set: at 8-7, Andover surged to 12-8, 13-9,15-10, 17-11, 25-11. Tied at two sets apiece, it came down to the fifth, the deciding set: And-NMH 1-1, 2-2, 4-3, 8-5, 9-6,12-7, 15-9. A win come by as hard as they come. Congratulations to NMH for a superbly played match. Andover‘s top service points today: Brooklyn Wirt 15 Sarah Chen 13 Brooke Fleming 12 Violet Enes 8 On to a ling week ahead, hosting Deerfield on Sunday.