Girls Varsity Swimming and Diving

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Phillips Academy enjoys a proud tradition of success with boys' and girls' swimming. A number of All-American swimmers and divers have consistently placed in the top teams in New England at the annual championships held at the close of the season. The swimming season begins in mid-November and continues through to the beginning of March.

There is a six-lane pool, a separate diving well and a state-of-the-art fitness center with cardio-vascular machines, weight machines and free weights. During the summer of 1998 the entire pool complex underwent a complete renovation of its filtration and ventilation systems.

The program includes workouts tailored to individual events, nutritional education and mental preparation. The progam emphasizes the importance of hard work and fun, and works hard to make swimming and diving a memorable part of a student's life. A full junior varsity team is an integral part of the swimming program. Many of the varsity swimmers began their careers on the JV squad.

Although the Andover swimmers and divers compete against many other teams in New England, the most anticipated contest of the season is the meet against Andover's sister school, Phillips Exeter Academy. Andover, founded in 1778 by Samuel Phillips, and Exeter, founded in 1781 by his uncle John Phillips, have maintained the oldest, continuous independent school rivalry in the country.


Coach: Paul Murphy


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100 Years of Swimming & Diving

In the Winter of 2012, Andover celebrated its 100th anniversary in the pool. Read more in Andover, the Magazine...

New England Champions:
2009, 2002-2006, 1998 (tie with Exeter), 1983
Runner Up:
2019, ​2018, 2014, 2011, 2010, 2001, 2000, 1981