Boys Varsity Hockey

Andover Outplays Pomfret To No Avail

On December 2, 2017 at 6:30 PM

Despite outshooting the opponent, series of penalty calls come at inopportune time late in game.

After taking an early lead off a Quinn Doyle goal set up up by Kevin Ouellete, the team slowed a bit in the first period as it ended 1-1. The second period the boys came out flying and although they outshot the opponent 13-6 found themselves on the underside of a 3-1 for almost the entire period. Almost. With 30 seconds to go the boys tied it on a power play goal by Powers. After 8 minutes of the third, Maribito tied the game on a nice shot from close in. What followed almost immediately was a serious of whistles, the goal kept moving off its apparently delicate moorings as Andover crashed the net. Next, penalties. And five minutes after Andover had them on the ropes, Pomfret scored at the end of their second consecutive power play slipping the game winner past Alex Daccord. But the team didn’t give up. With a minute and a half to go, Andover pulled Daccord and again made a mad attack at the goal. Again, all the loose pucks around the net could not be turned into goals as the whistle blew as the goal kept moving out of place. Finally, with 30seconds left, Doyle and Powers combined for a great chance and the puck was three inches on the wrong side of the inside post. It just wasn’t meant to be it seemed.